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Dental Bonding – A Conservative Way to Improve Your Smile

Dental bonding is a relatively quick way to improve uneven teeth. Cracks, gaps, and staining can all be repaired cost effectively with dental bonding services from Jones Family Dentistry of Iowa City.

Dental bonding is a process in which a tooth colored resin, just like what is used for fillings, is used to build up cracked teeth, fill gaps between teeth or make teeth longer to create a more regular shape overall.

The resin will be matched to the natural color of your teeth. It is molded to the desired shape and contour. Then, an ultra-violate light or laser is used to harden the material. The area is then shaped and polished to match the shine of your natural tooth.

The entire process takes less than an hour per tooth to complete.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

There are lots of reasons our patients seek out dental bonding. Besides wanting their smile to look better, there are some practical reasons to choose bonding.

  • Less expensive than other methods
  • Can usually be done in one visit unless there are several teeth to bond
  • Somewhat stain resistant
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