Teeth Whitening - Iowa City

Teeth Whitening – Say Goodbye to Stains

Your brighter smile is only weeks away after teeth whitening services from Jones Family Dentistry of Iowa City. Yellow teeth from smoking, coffee stains, soda consumption and even prescription medications can make you self-conscious, but you don’t have to hide your smile.

Call for an appointment at Jones Family Dentistry today, and you will be flashing that smile with confidence in no time!

If you have otherwise healthy teeth and gums that do not need restoration, but are showing a little color from years of eating and drinking foods with natural colors or dyes, you are a perfect candidate for tooth whitening.

While over the counter teeth whitening systems can work to mildly lighten your teeth, professional tooth whitening services conducted in our office can achieve a much greater result.

At Jones Family Dentistry we offer both take-home whitening products as well as in-office treatments.